Monday, 14 December 2009

Official launch of Glyndŵr University Research Online (GURO)

23rd- 28th November was the official launch week of Glyndŵr University’s institutional repository GURO. Awareness of GURO was raised in the launch week by various methods, including:

  • An all staff email containing a short introduction and link to the repository website

  • Placement of a link to the repository on the University’s homepage

  • Two drop in sessions held for academic staff to come and ask questions

  • Distribution of promotional leaflets and posters

  • Presentation at an academic research forum

  • Attendance at a researcher’s breakfast group (think tank)

  • An entry in the University’s general newsletter and the Library newsletter.

Positive responses were received by researchers, students and support workers in relation to the repository; and a snapshot look at the repository stats showed a 39% increase in item downloads during the week of the launch compared to the previous week.

If you would like to find out more about GURO please contact Misha Jepson, Repository Administrator at

If you would like any help or ideas for what you could do to launch your repository or further raise its profile within your institution please contact the WRN team at

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