Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Technical Priorities Survey

Work package 4 of the new project is looking to build and implement a variety of technical tools and services to develop and enhance repository infrastructure and usage. A large number of possible tools were suggested within the original project bid:

  • Copyright checking by journal title integrated into the workflow process

  • Automated metadata completion e.g. gathering journal metadata from external databases

  • Automatic cover sheet generation for repository deposits

  • Embargo management

  • Enhanced metadata collection (author affiliation etc. etc.?)

  • Import/Export of metadata
  • Generation of online CVs bibliography web pages from repository content

  • Export/import of publication information from repository to chosen citation software

  • Export/import of publication information into other university systems e.g. library catalogue

  • Export/import of publication information into other repositories

  • Repository management
  • Improvement of repository statistics and reporting

  • Integration of repository in REF requirements for reporting and statistical analysis

  • Integrating preservation services into the repository

  • Handling storage capacity for large items such as data and multimedia

  • User experience
  • Shopping basket facility allowing users to collect items together and download as a single package

  • Embedded players and streaming for display of multimedia deposits

  • We are currently surveying the WRN community as to which of these developments they see as priority for the project team to work on. Project partners should submit their choices by email by Friday 22nd May 2009.

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